Welcome to Gaming Bench! Our goal here is quite simple: provide benchmarks of the latest games on a wide selection of hardware. Other sites will run benchmarks with a large selection of hardware, but they don’t tend to update the games they test on a regular basis. We’re going to flip things around and try to keep a more or less consistent set of hardware representing a range of performance options, and we’ll do our best to test performance on as many games as we can. But it doesn’t stop there.
We have plenty of long-term plans, but what we hope will make this site useful is that we’re opening up the doors to benchmarking by everyone. You don’t have to join up to read our articles and see the benchmark results, but if you’d like to contribute — and maybe show off the performance of your gaming rig — you can do so right here, free of charge. Think of it as an alternative to the 3DMark ORB, only instead of theoretical benchmarks we’re using actual games!
Instructions for how to run our standardized tests will be provided for each game that we add to our database. And what games will be added is going to be at least partly driven by community demand. If there’s a new game that you want us to test, drop us a note and we’ll do our best to add it to the list, or at the very least define some settings so that others can get started on making comparisons. And if you’re a game developer and would like us to include your game in our testing, that’s fine as well!
We’re just getting started, obviously, and we’re fine-tuning our engine and interface, but while we’re busy testing things out we thought we’d let others get started. So welcome to Gaming Bench, and I hope you enjoy your stay.

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