Benchmark Management

Here you can add or edit performance results for your systems from our database. Please limit results to one score for each setting per system; if you wish to submit a new score, notify us and we will overwrite the existing result. (We'll add update functionality in the future.) If you wish to have multiple scores for a system, e.g. for different overclocking configurations, you should add a second system first. Finally, if you happen to have a bunch of benchmark results available and would like to have me import them directly into the database, please send me an email and I can provide instructions on the appropriate file format.

Information on how to properly benchmark each game can be found on its relevant page, and anyone suspected of abusing the system by submitting invalid results may have their scores deleted. However, the site is still in development, so I'll work with users to clean up scores as needed for the time being. All submitted scores by default are going into the "unverified" category; if you'd like to verify your system, again, send me a note.

Note that you must be registered and logged in to Gaming Bench to use Benchmark Management.

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