Alien Isolation Performance

So I sort of fell behind on posting things here, though I did add some new benchmarks. Rather than trying to do full posts for every game I've currently tested, I'm going to start by just getting a skeleton article into place. With that said, here are the results for Alien Isolation, using the built-in benchmark but with FRAPS to find real performance figured.

Alien Isolation - Performance and Analysis

NVIDIA's GTX 980 takes the lead as the fastest single GPU solution, as usual. AMD's R9 290X CrossFire comes in first place overall, but while average FPS scales nicely, the same cannot be said of minimum FPS. There's an improvement, sure, but not as much as the average FPS would lead you to believe. CrossFire R9 280 is in third place, but with higher average FPS and lower minimum FPS it's not the best experience. Then there's basically a three-way tie for fourth, between the GTX 970, GTX 780, and R9 290X. Lowering the quality settings quickly gets to the point where all of the cards are running at very high frame rates, though the R7 250X is still unable to quite handle 1080p High. Intel's HD 4400 meanwhile is only just able to provide a playable experience at our lowest quality settings.

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