F1 2014 Performance

I'm really going to keep this short, as F1 2014 happens to be one of the least demanding "modern" games we're likely to benchmark. We've tested quite a few other racing games from Codemasters, but where GRID 2 and GRID Autosport can at least push your GPUs a bit at higher settings, F1 2014 basically rolls over like a playful little puppy with even the slightest amount of GPU performance. Check this out....

F1 2014 - Performance and Analysis

Do you have a 4K display? Well, even a single R9 280 is going to be pushing close to 60 FPS in F1 2014 at 4K with Ultra quality. We even seem to be running into some CPU bottlenecks still, as the GTX 980 and CrossFire Radeon R9 290X basically post the same average FPS (though the single GPU wins out with more consistent minimum FPS). Drop to QHD and all of our moderately high-end GPUs and above are posting frame rates well above 60FPS, so unless you have a display with a higher refresh rate it won't matter too much what GPU you run. NVIDIA appears to have a slight edge in overall performance, but it's mostly academic. Lower class GPUs may still need a bit of help, though, as the R7 250X can't break 60 FPS at 1920x1080 Ultra -- though dropping to 1080p High will do the trick. Even Intel gets in on the action, with frame rates well above 30FPS at 1080p High. Maybe that's why Intel didn't even bother "sponsoring" this game (after being involved with GRID 2 and GRID Autosport)?
At the risk of drawing the ire of serious racing fans, I have to admit that I'm not all that keen on the F1 2014 experience. Oh, it requires real skill to place even in the top 10 at higher difficulty settings, but is it fun? Well, you be the judge of that! Some people think Flight Simulator games are a lot of fun, and this is the driving equivalent with open wheels as far as I'm concerned. And like the cars it's named after, F1 2014 will post some impressive frame rates even on moderate hardware. I do have to say that the visuals just aren't all that exciting, though -- something about having most of the track well clear of obstacles may be realistic, but it looks boring to me. It's so bad that the above image uses a real F1 car. Hahaha.... At least you can now pick up a copy on Steam for $25, with the current holiday sale.

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