Lichdom Battlemage Performance

Lichdom Battlemage is an interesting title as it uses Cry Engine 3, the same engine that powers Crysis 3 -- which happens to be one of those games that can still kill just about any system at maximum quality. Combine a swords and sorcery story with the run and gun gameplay of an FPS, and then give it some often times laughable American voiceovers and you get Lichdom Battlemage. Reviews for the game are decidedly average, but with a price of under $15 now it's at least affordable; what about system requirements?

Lichdom Battlemage - Performance and Analysis

While I can't provide a direct comparison with Crysis 3 (yet?), it's not too hard to see that Lichdom is able to suck down a tremendous amount of GPU horsepower. The GTX 980 takes the lead as usual, and at least in my experience CrossFire Radeon R9 290X is a bit more troublesome with often poor minimum frame rates. That's a bit odd for a game that's an AMD Gaming Evolved title, and perhaps the latest drivers (and patches) have changed things. The good news is that the gameplay isn't quite as frenetic as Crysis 3, so 30-40 FPS is acceptable (though definitely not ideal).
In general, if you want to run at Ultra quality, you're going to want to have either a top tier GPU or you'll need to run at a lower resolution like 1920x1080. That will get you smooth frame rates on GPUs that cost $300 or more, and even $200-$250 GPUs should do reasonably well. If you're sporting lower performance hardware, however, don't be surprised if you need to drop to medium or even low quality settings -- an R7 250X still struggles at 1600x900 Medium, for example. And if you're wondering, no, you can't hope to run Lichdom Battlemage on Intel's HD 4600. Maybe the upcoming HD 5000/Iris 6000 and Broadwell CPUs will fix performance, but for now Haswell GPUs just aren't fast enough.

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