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Evolve Initial Launch Woes

Evolve came out last week to somewhat mixed reviews -- some have loved it, others have bagged on it, and still others are undecided. A big part of the problem has been 2K Games' decision to have a bunch of Day One DLC -- Downloadable Content -- mostly consisting of skins that they're asking you to buy separately. If this were a Free to Play (F2P) game, we could accept that, but with a $60 price tag it's adding insult to injury. We're not here to talk about the DLC fiasco, though; what we want to quickly discuss is how broken the game is in terms of performance. If the game worked properly, we'd be happy to provide some benchmarks in our usual charts, but the results right now are just all over the place.
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Elder Scrolls Skyrim Performance: a Flawed Benchmark

The Elder Scrolls is a long-running series, with five major titles along with a variety of expansion packs and DLC. Elder Scrolls Skyrim is the latest release, and it's hard to believe that it came out three years ago. It's still a great RPG, but as a benchmark... well, most of the Elder Scrolls games have been flawed benchmarks at best. I suppose some of that depends on your perspective, though, so it might be better to state that the Elder Scrolls games have traditionally been very heavy on the CPU requirements, while graphics requirements have not scaled quite as fast.
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