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Gigabyte P35W v3 Performance Review

When NVIDIA first launched their latest mobile GPU updates, the GTX 980M impressed with the level of performance delivered. A few months later, the bigger surprise is perhaps that the GTX 980M is finding its way into relatively thin laptops. The Gigabyte P35W v3 is currently the thinnest laptop equipped with a GTX 980M GPU, with a Core i7-4710HQ on the CPU front. We tested the same configuration in the MSI GT72, a substantially larger notebook with much better cooling; it also foregoes NVIDIA's Optimus Technology, so it should in general be a bit faster. But do you really need to give up much in the way of performance for a thinner gaming laptop? The answer is no, though with some qualifications.
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Budget Gaming PC, April 2015

The concept of a "Gaming PC" often gets a bad rap. You'll get a lot of people looking at the cost of a top-of-the-line $2000 pre-built system (or just an overpriced gaming system) and wondering, "Who on earth would spend that much money on a system that's just for playing games!?" Obviously, the idea that a gaming PC is just for playing games is ludicrous -- any modern PC that can play games can inherently do all of the other PC-centric tasks equally well, if not better than the average non-gaming PC.

And since most homes in developed countries already have at least one PC, the true cost of a "gaming PC" is often the price of a graphics card. We already discussed the subject of graphics cards in our previous post, so today we're going to flesh things out with a look at what to use when putting together a complete budget gaming PC. Our goal is to have a system that can handle all the latest games at reasonable quality setting, priced at less than $750.

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4K Gaming Thoughts

I've recently acquired a new 4K display, to be specific it's the Acer XB280HK 28" G-SYNC enabled display. That means several things are now in progress. First, 4K gaming benchmarks are going to be run on all of the games, at least with GPUs where it makes sense. (Hint: 4K gaming on a low-end GPU or Intel's Processor Graphics isn't going to happen!) Second, I have some thoughts in general on the subject of 4K gaming, and I also wanted to chime in with some thoughts on the Acer XB280HK display and NVIDIA's G-SYNC Technology. So let's take those in order -- the benchmarks will be updated when results are available, though you can always check the Gaming Benchmarks page for a preview of games that are being tested.
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