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Lords of the Fallen – Performance Update

It was inevitable that we'd eventually encounter a game where day of launch bugs affected performance to the point where we'd have to rerun all of our numbers. The first game to earn that dubious distinction is Lords of the Fallen, which we first looked at last week. One week later the first patch has arrived, and with it CrossFire now at least works and performance in many instances has improved. This will be our first "before and after" article, and we'll have charts for both versions of the game.
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Shadow of Mordor Performance – Resolution Shenanigans and Benchmark Madness

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor (which I'm just going to call Shadow of Mordor from here on) sort of came out of nowhere and has become the sleeper hit of the month. Created by Monolith Productions -- the company behind "classics" like Blood and Shogo: Mobile Armor Division, not to mention more recent titles like F.E.A.R. and F.E.A.R. 2, No One Lives Forever, and Condemned -- I don't know that anyone was really expecting much from yet another Middle-Earth game. It's not that games based on Tolkien are all bad, but there have been so many over the decades and more often than not they've been at best mediocre. Anyway, Shadow of Mordor plays a lot like the Batman: Arkham Asylum/City/Origins games, or the Assassin's Creed games, or probably any number of other stealth/beat-em-up third person games. I've enjoyed quite a few of those titles, and you can definitely add Shadow of Mordor to the list.
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Batman Arkham Origins Performance

The Batman series has been a great example of how to do a superhero game that truly makes you feel like a superhero. As the name implies, Batman Arkham Origins takes the series back to the beginning, and it explores the origins of many of the characters. This is probably well-trodden ground if you're a fan of the comics and movies, but I actually haven't read any comics in quite some time so I find the story in Batman Arkham Origins is at least reasonably engaging. As with the earlier Batman Arkham games, you start with a somewhat limited set of moves and equipment, unlocking additional items and upgrades as the game progresses. Towards the latter portion of the game, Batman becomes a force to be reckoned with, and you'll have fights of 20 or more villains to help test your skills.
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