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Metro Last Light Performance

The Metro series of games happens to be one of the most demanding out there in terms of punishing your graphics cards. The original Metro 2033 had a plot similar in some ways to STALKER, though it could be a bit hard to follow. The sequel Metro Last Light continues the story, and at maximum detail settings it can bring just about any modern system to its knees. Reviews for the original game are good (81% on average), and the sequel received similarly positive reviews (82% average). Interestingly, both games have been updated with a "Redux" release, which is a full-priced update, or you can get each Redux as a separate game for half the cost of the bundle. We'll look at testing the Redux versions in the near future, but can your PC handle the demanding graphics of the original Metro Last Light?
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GRID Autosport Performance

Our first official gaming benchmark is Codemasters' latest racing game, GRID Autosport. Reviews for the game have been reasonably positive overall, with Metacritic reporting an average score of 78%. That's not too surprising, as outside of DIRT Showdown Codemasters has delivered enjoyable driving action for years. If you're looking for a quick recommendation, GRID Autosport is a good racing game that will keep you busy for hours, though it's not a realistic simulation by any stretch and it's not likely to convert anyone that's not a fan of the genre.
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Gaming Bench Welcomes You

Welcome to Gaming Bench!

The purpose of Gaming Bench is quite simple: benchmark the latest games on a variety of hardware, and show the results to the world. There are plenty of sites that test hardware, and other sites that review games, but as someone that has done plenty of hardware reviews over the past decade, in the interest of comparing new hardware with previously reviewed hardware, the selection of benchmarks often remains more or less static.
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