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F1 2014 Performance

I'm really going to keep this short, as F1 2014 happens to be one of the least demanding "modern" games we're likely to benchmark. We've tested quite a few other racing games from Codemasters, but where GRID 2 and GRID Autosport can at least push your GPUs a bit at higher settings, F1 2014 basically rolls over like a playful little puppy with even the slightest amount of GPU performance. Check this out....
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GRID 2 Performance

This is less of a new benchmark than it is revisiting the topic of Codemasters and their racing games. While GRID Autosport is the latest game in the series, there are many similarities to GRID 2. GRID 2 was the first Codemasters game that had help from Intel, and visually and also in the area of performance the two titles are quite similar. So, let's just get straight to it and see what GRID 2 has to offer.
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GRID Autosport Performance

Our first official gaming benchmark is Codemasters' latest racing game, GRID Autosport. Reviews for the game have been reasonably positive overall, with Metacritic reporting an average score of 78%. That's not too surprising, as outside of DIRT Showdown Codemasters has delivered enjoyable driving action for years. If you're looking for a quick recommendation, GRID Autosport is a good racing game that will keep you busy for hours, though it's not a realistic simulation by any stretch and it's not likely to convert anyone that's not a fan of the genre.
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