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Alien Isolation Performance

So I sort of fell behind on posting things here, though I did add some new benchmarks. Rather than trying to do full posts for every game I've currently tested, I'm going to start by just getting a skeleton article into place. With that said, here are the results for Alien Isolation, using the built-in benchmark but with FRAPS to find real performance figured.
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Company of Heroes 2 Performance

I'm not going to spend a lot of time on this one, as it's another older title, but I have a bunch of results for Company of Heroes 2 already in my database so I wanted to at least put them somewhere readers could find. Released in June 2013, Company of Heroes 2 is the sequel to the very popular original RTS that launched in 2006. Unfortunately, it's generally considered to be not as good as the first game -- it has a metacritic rating of 80% compared to 93% for the original. I'm sure part of that is the fact that the original game was actually a new approach to RTS (Real-Time Strategy) games in many ways, while the sequel is more of a rehash of stuff we've seen before. Oh, and Company of Heroes can be a pig when it comes to system requirements and performance. Which is why I'm here....
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