Gaming Bench Welcomes You

Welcome to Gaming Bench!

The purpose of Gaming Bench is quite simple: benchmark the latest games on a variety of hardware, and show the results to the world. There are plenty of sites that test hardware, and other sites that review games, but as someone that has done plenty of hardware reviews over the past decade, in the interest of comparing new hardware with previously reviewed hardware, the selection of benchmarks often remains more or less static.
So Gaming Bench is going to flip the process on its head and keep the hardware more or less static while benchmarking lots of software. And by software, we mean games — the CPU, storage, motherboard, etc. markets are pretty dull these days, but there are always new games coming out, and some of them can be pretty punishing when it comes to running well on your PC. We'll also update our selection of hardware as new products become available, but our intention isn't to test every possible combination of hardware... that's where you come in.
Gaming Bench is going to provide a place where users can contribute their own performance results, and see what others are able to achieve with their hardware. There's no more relying on the game publishers to tell you how the game will run, and you won't need to trust numbers published by the hardware manufacturers either. Readers can contribute by simply following our instructions and adding their results to our database; then you can see for yourself how the game runs on a wide selection of hardware.
The bottom line: if you’re thinking about purchasing a game and you’re wondering, “How well will this game run on my system?”, we're going to do our best to provide information that will help you answer that question. Or if you already own a game and are thinking about upgrading your computer, the benchmarks will help you determine what level of hardware you need to reach acceptable performance. There are plans in store to improve the quality of the benchmark results, but we’ll save that for another day.
Again, welcome to Gaming Bench, and I hope that together we can build a useful tool for gamers and computer enthusiasts everywhere.

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